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       She looked like any other girl traveling by herself for the first time.  She kept her small bag close to her, and looked up nervously whenever someone walked by her.  In her hands, she clutched a book aged with time and care in her hands tightly, as if it were some sort of lifeline, her violet eyes turning once more to look out the window at the landscape that sped by the train.

       She toyed with a silky, chestnut strand of hair, trying to focus her eyes on the horizon instead of the closer objects to prevent motion sickness, and shook her head at herself.  She, of all people, shouldn't be getting motion sickness...

       Do you even know what you're doing? She asked herself, brushing her hand across the gold title of her book.  A Historie of William the Bloody...

       Her search was almost over, and she just wondered what it would bring, and past injustices would be corrected.

       "All right, Deadboy," Xander groaned as he pulled a piss-drunk Spike to his feet, glancing at Willy with a sigh, "Goddamn it, Willy, I already told you he can't hurt you."

       "Yeah, well, he can fucking hurt my bar," Willy reminded him in annoyance, "And besides, it's bad policy to turn away a paying customer."

       "Especially if it's my money he's paying with," Xander grumbled beneath his breath, dragging Spike out of the bar, "We should have just let him stake himself, but no!  Willow said it would be wrong!"

       Spike was past the point of comment, the world swimming dizzingly in front of him, ow...bloody hell...never going to bloody drink least, not till I start to sober off...but then only ten pints...not twelve...

       As soon as Xander came in the door, his mom glared at him, "You're bringing that no-good, layabout drunk in here again?!"

       "Mom, I pay rent.  He can stay with me if he wants," Xander reminded her, "Plus, he doesn't bug you guys..."

       "No, he just sits down there all day, playing that fucking music of his!  I mean it, Alexander LeVelle!  I want him out of here tomorrow!"

       Xander didn't bother answering her as he dragged Spike down the stairs and dropped him unceremoniously on the floor.  Pathetic...should just put him out of his misery while he's still out...

       Xander sighed, shaking his head as he crawled into his bed.  The fact was, Spike was simply too pathetic to kill.  He couldn't fight back, and even Xander could do damage to him.  Jesus...someone's gotta snap him out of this shit...

       Spike woke up infuriated and humilated.  He knew that once again, Xander had to carry him home, and he hated being indebted to the boy, and he especially hated the way the Whelp was upstairs, arguing to his parents, telling them that Spike was his friend, and since he was paying rent, he could stay as long as he wanted.

       You're so fucking pathetic that even your mortal enemies are feeling sorry for you...

       He growled, throwing an arm over his face as Xander came down the stairs, looking pissed off.  "God!  You're so lucky your parents are dead!"

       Spike lifted his arm, raising an eyebrow, "Well, I killed them...if you want a suggestion..."

       "No, thanks, Mr. Merendez," Xander shook his head, "They tick me off, but I don't think killing them will really help my rent situation...although, prison food might be an improvement over the crap I can afford."

       Spike chuckled despite his hangover, "Anything would be an improvement over that cold, pig swill I have to eat now."

       "Well, don't think you're getting any sympathy from me.  I'm just glad you're not eyeing my damn neck, like Angel always did."

       Spike highly doubted that his Sire ever eyed anything on Xander, but he didn't say anything to that.  If the chip came out, he'd feed on the first human that came into contact with him, and he wouldn't be so picky.  

       "Sodding Peaches...couldn't stay in hell where he belonged," Spike muttered beneath his breath as he stood and made his way to the aspirin supply, something the two men went through a lot of.

       "Hear, hear," Xander grabbed a beer from the fridge, and tossed it to Spike, then grabbed one for himself, "And nothing helps a hangover like getting sloshed."

       Spike chuckled again, and Xander watched in admiration as he removed the top with his teeth, "Your folks are rearing to get me out of here."

       Xander shrugged, "I told them you're not going anywhere.  Not that I like you or anything, but now it's a matter of principal.  This basement is my castle, dammit!"

       "Your castle's a wee bit on the soggy side," Spike gestured at a leaky pipe, and Xander shrugged.

       "Well, a castle with an indoor moat, but that's not the point..."  He suggested, and Spike shook his head, heading towards the fridge for another beer.  

       Christ...this is going to be a long day...

       The girl stepped off the train, glancing around Sunnydale Station, still clutching her book and bag to her chest.  She glanced at her watch, then at the setting sun, her eyes narrowing slightly.  Not much time left, she thought to herself, hurrying along.

       She found a seedy looking motel that she could afford for a few nights on her meager savings, but then, she'd be out on the street again, but she could handle herself.  She always had.

       She ignored the leers the clerk gave her as he handed her a key, and quickly hurried to her room.  She glanced around the sparce quarters of the room, wrinkling her nose at the old, stale smell, beggers can't be chosers, now can they?  

       She dropped her bag on the floor, then quickly changed for going out.  She was on a mission and nothing would deter her from it.

       Spike nursed a bottle of vodka, deciding that for tonight, he wouldn't get falling down drunk, since Xander was going to be at Anya's all night.  He didn't fancy passing out in Willy's bar, and he couldn't trust the weasel not to drag him outside to greet his first sunrise in a hundred and twenty years.

       He was walking through the graveyard, looking at different crypts, deciding he had spent enough time in Xander's home.  Despite himself, he was grateful to the boy for putting up with someone he so obviously hated, and decided, that, when he finally got the chip out, unlike the Slayer's, his death would be extremely quick.  Hey, they were almost friends, after all.

       He paused outside a promising one, then ducked inside to have a quick look around.  Walls, roof...yep, it's perfect.  He thought, taking a healthy swig of his drink, polishing it off.  He smashed it against the wall, "Yep...definitely home."

       He jumped on top of the sarchophugus in the middle, looking around critically, "Few candles...cable access...couple of dead bodies..." He sighed deeply, "Oh, right...none of that, huh, mate?"  He asked aloud, "And you're talking to yourself like some pathetic sod...Christ...maybe you should have dumped Dru sooner..." He winced, knowing he was lying to himself.  He didn't dump her and he knew it all too well.  Stupid sodding Angelus and fucking bitch Slayer...couldn't keep her fucking legs closed...

       He snarled angrily, wishing he could go out and twist a couple of necks, and had just decided to go find a few of his brethren to do it to when he heard a small noise outside.  

       His eyes narrowed as his senses honed in on the disturbance, and he could hear soft footsteps, as if someone was taking great pains to be quiet.

       He slid into the shadows of the crypt, and waited.  

       The door slowly opened, and a black figure slipped in, looking around before venturing farther in, and he heard a soft voice whisper, "Damn it...where did he go?"

       Looking for me, huh?  His eyes narrowed even farther.  It was probably a demon or another vamp looking to off him for helping the Slayer that one time.  Don't they ever learn?  Nobody fucks with William the Bloody!

       He rushed the figure from the side, and smashed him against the wall, pinning him there with his body.

       There was a small, feminine cry, and Spike's eyes widened a bit as he looked down into the eyeholes of the ski-mask the figure was wearing, meeting a pair of wide, violet eyes, wide in fear.  He smiled evilly, glad to know that he could still instill it in people.

       "Ski-mask in California, luv?  Now, why does that seem off to me?"  He mused, then removed it.  He was more then a little startled to see the beauty of the girl, her face delicatly cut.  Her body was covered by a all-black cat suit that clung to curves and her heavy breasts, and her chestnut hair tumbled down in an unruly mass.  She bit the bottom of her pink lips, staring at him fearfully.

       He recovered himself quickly, growling as he fastened a hand around her throat, careful not to squeeze to hard, in case the chip went off, "Why in the hell are you following me, pet?"

       "I...I...uh..." Spike's eyes narrowed as he applied a little more pressure, and her eyes slammed shut, trying to hide the terror in them.  She had been momentarily stunned by the sight of him, knowing the woodcarvings in the book she had procured illegally did him no justice.  

       He was brutally handsome, his hard, blue eyes glittering like diamonds in his sharply chiseled face, his eyebrows in sharp contrast to his white-blond hair.  She also knew that the creature holding her was capable of snapping her neck without a second thought, and forced herself to take a deep breath.

       "I...needed something from you..." She whispered softly, and Spike pressed his body firmly against hers, holding her in place as he let go of her neck.

       "That so?"  He said casually, his eyes traveling down her body appreciatevely, "And why should I help you?"

       She forced her eyes open again, trying to stave off her fear, " is Chastity..."

       "Chastity..." Spike repeated, obviously amused, leaning in close to her face, and deliberately inhaling her scent deeply, causing a pinkish tinge to raise to her face as she blushed, casting her eyes down, long, black lashes fluttering nervously.

       He hooked a finger underneath her chin and leered at her before dipping his head to her neck, feeling her entire body tense against his as he ran his lips across the jumping cartoid artery, "You never answered my question," He growled threatening, causing her to jump when he nipped her skin lightly.

       "I...need you help..." She stammered nervously, praying that he wouldn't bite her.  "I...want...I need you to teach me to fight..."

       "Why me?"  Spike questioned, his tongue darting out to taste the salt on her skin from the cold sweat that covered her entire body, and she shuddered against him.

       "You...killed two Slayers...I read...about them..."

       "So, what of it?"

       "I...want to kill Buffy Summers..."

       Spike chuckled, lifting his head and pulling away from the girl.  Her knees buckled  without his support and slid down the wall, breathing a sigh of relief.  He was interested, so she was safe for the time being.  That could change in an instant, she reminded herself, but she had already committed herself to this.

       She doubted he would let her leave alive if she tried to back out now, anyhow.

       "You want to kill the Slayer?"  He shook his head, still laughing, "A little chit like couldn't hurt a bloody fly!  What makes you think you could even bruise her?"

       "Because...I have too!"

       "Luv, she faces vampires every night...a little human like you wouldn't even register on her radar.  She'd break your face in an instant of your first encounter."

       "Then turn me!"  All her timidity disappeared as she stood to her feet, standing tall and proud, and Spike started, seeing something flash in her eyes.

       "You're a Slayer?!"

       "No, But the blood of my sister runs through me..." Chasity answered, "And she is a Slayer..."

       "Summers is your sister?!"  He gaped at her, but Chastity shook her head.


       "The other Slayer?  The one in a bleeding coma?"  Spike chuckled in delight, "Oh, now I understand.  Buffy sticks it to your sister, and you're out for revenge...this is amusing."

       "She stabbed her in cold blood," Chastity closed her eyes, "My sister meant the world to me, Spike.  And you're the only vampire still living to have killed two Slayers.  I'd do anything to bring justice when the Council offers none!  I'll allow myself to be turned, if need be..."

       She stepped towards him, and Spike raised an eyebrow as she tilted her head to the side, a willing sacrifice.  He gripped her around the waist and jerked her against him.  She closed her eyes, waiting for his bite, but to her surprise, he instead forced her head back up, and his hard, cruel lips were against hers, his tongue worming it's way past her teeth as he slammed her back against the wall, jarring her head.

       She jerked her face away from his, her eyes wide in renewed fear when she realized his intention.  Faith, you must think of Faith...she told herself, forcing herself to calm down as she met his nearly black eyes blazing in his face.  

       She pushed him away from her, then slid out of her catsuit, keeping her eyes cast down a she straightened, aware of his searing gaze sliding over her body.  

       She was built much like her sister, her breasts full and heavy, her stomach flat except for the slight, feminine swell, her body toned and tanned.  Her simple, white cotton bra and panties were the only thing protecting her vulnerable body.

       Spike raised an eyebrow, watching the soft blush creep across her entire body.  She's nothing like her sister, he thought to himself, remembering the stories that Xander had told him about the other Slayer.  

       She lifted her head, and this time, when Spike kissed her, she allowed him, his tongue invading her mouth as he backed her up against the wall.

       She shuddered as his hands ran down the edge of her body, barely brushing against her breasts, and she instinctively arched towards him.  He pulled away from her mouth to stare down at her swollen, kissed lips, seeing her violet eyes were still wide in fear.

       He frowned a bit, then sighed, letting go of her, "Get dressed."

       "Wha--?"  She was confused, and he growled at her.

       "Get dressed!"

       She grabbed her catsuit and slipped it back on, and Spike watched regrettably as her bare skin disappeared from his view. But...I thought..."  She started to say, but Spike glared at her.

       "Forget it, luv.  I'll not take an unwilling woman to my bed.  Never had, never will..."


       "I'll still help you to kill the Slayer," Spike assured her, shrugging, "Might as well have something to do all day.  Come back here tomorrow, prepared.  Pick up some blood from Willy's down the road and a carton of fags, and we'll call ourselves even, all right?"

       Chastity nodded, but was still puzzled by his actions.  "Is...that all then?"

       "Yeah," He waved her off, pulling his duster over his erection so she wouldn't see the effect she had on him.  "Tomorrow, pet...and I'll be sorely disappointed if you don't show."

       "I'll show," She promised him, "There's no way I'm giving up on this..."

       Spike nodded, pleased with her answer, "Get going then, won't do to have you killed by a demon or such before you get a chance to fight."

       Chastity smiled shyly, the first that Spike had seen, and he was surprised to find that she looked even more beautiful like that.

       "Thank you," She whispered, then slipped back out into the night.  

       Spike glanced around the crypt, allowing a grin to surface on his face.  Well, this is as good a place as any...

       Chastity slipped past a pair of nurses, looking up and down the hospital hall, hesitating before slipping behind the nurse's station.  She typed in her last name, and frowned when nothing came up, but then typed only her sister's first name.  They didn't let her be signed in with her full name?

       Somehow, that infuriated her as she made her way to the room the computer indicated.  

       She slipped inside, pausing when she saw her sister lying on the bed, tears springing to her eyes.  She crossed the room to stand at Faith's side, staring down at the pale figure.  They were black rings beneath her eyes and her lips were colorless.

       She leant over her, pressing her lips against her sister's, then turned when she heard footsteps behind her.

       She jumped in surprise when she saw Faith standing behind her, then glanced at the bed, where she was still lying, "Okay...that's freaky."

       "I wondered when you'd show up," Faith smiled wanly, "Hey, sis, long time."

       "Six years," Chastity replied, shrugging, "You've been busy.  And you know the Council wanted us seperated."

       "Twins should never be seperated," Faith walked towards her and hugged her sister tightly, "I missed you so much."

       "Me too," Chastity murmured, wondering how long she had wanted a reunion just like this one. Seemed like forever.

       "It'll never happen," Faith said as if reading her mind as she released her sister, "Because of that bitch, Buffy.  You're going to take care of her, right?"

       "I promised you, didn't I?"  Chastity reminded her, "I said no one would harm my sister, and I meant it..."

       "Hmm, so, you're going to take her on all by yourself?"

       "No," Chastity shook her head, "Spike's going to teach me how to kill her...and I won't rest till she's dead.  I'll be dead myself before I ever give up."

       Faith smiled brightly, "You're the greatest little sis a girl can have, you know that, right?"

       Chastity smiled back at her, reaching for her again, "And you're the greatest two-minute older sister a girl can have..."

       Chastity jerked awake from her dream, tears pouring down her face.  She swiped at them as she glanced at the hotel clock, then sighed, slipping out of bed and grabbing her one bag.  It was time to meet Spike for her first lesson.

       Spike was sleeping on top of the sarcophagus when she came in later, his blood and cigarretes in a paper bag.  She had spent the last of her money on them, and would probably end up spending the night in another crypt, or in this one if he changes his mind...she forced herself to become accustomed to the idea.  She had basically pledged herself to a vampire, and she would do all she had too make sure Buffy died for her crimes, even 'boink the undead' as her sister would say.

       Well, at least he isn't that hard to look at, she thought, blushing slightly at her own thoughts as she glanced towards him.  He looked peaceful at rest, no breathing signaling sleep, so she was startled when his eyes shot open all of a sudden, with no warning whatsoever.

       She jumped, clutching her chest, and Spike chuckled, swinging his legs off the stone lid, "Sorry to startle you, kitten."

       "It's all right...I prefer heart seizures to caffeine in the's a good way to kick-start your day."

       Spike grinned at her, grabbing the blood she tossed at him, and swallowed it cold.  He was looking over her, a little disappointed to see she had foregone her catsuit for a pair of sweats, but then again, it was really only pratical for lurking, not practice.

       He wondered briefly why he had agreed to this, considering he couldn't touch her without hurting her, but he decided that he;d do what he can, thinking she'd probably give up anyhow after a good beating from the Slayer.  But then again, she was the sister of a Slayer...and they were stubborn as all hell.

       He inwardly shrugged, deciding it really wasn't his problem.  He was only in it for the blood and cigarrettes.  He wasn't made of money, after all. He then noticed her small duffel bag, and frowned, "What's that?"

       "Oh, just my stuff," She shrugged, "Nothing really, some clothes, books...I'm officially a child of the streets again."

       "You're a street-brat?"  Spike raised an eyebrow, thinking the girl would be severely out of place living in an alley with winos, or sleeping in a doorway.

       "Most of the time, I get jobs when I can...are we going to start, or what?"

       Spike shrugged, then threw a punch at her head, which she ducked, gripping his hand and throwing him over her shoulder.

       Spike rolled to his feet, glaring at her, "I thought you couldn't fight!"

       "Basic Chuck Norris moves I saw on TV...I really doubt that Walker, Texas Ranger is going to kill a goddamn Slayer."

       "Right...great..." Spike shook his head, gesturing for her to come at him, "Let's see what you got."

       Chastity bit her bottom lip and launched herself at him.  Spike blocked a kick to his face, then ducked a punch, grinning widely as he watched the concentrated look on her face.  

       She snapped her head to the side when he tried to punch and her foot shot up to connect with his chin, rocking his head back.  

       Spike growled his eyes flashing yellow, then grabbed her fist when it came at him, using her momentum to spin her so that her back was against his chest, his arm wrapped around her neck.  

       "You're dead, luv," He chastised her, and Chastity sighed, adding a small groan for good measure.  

       "Damn it!"

       "Don't get yourself all twisted up in a tizzy, pet," He let her go, albeit, reluctantly, "That was actually pretty good for someone with no formal training."  He was pleased to find that the chip hadn't activated once, since he had no intention of hurting the young girl he was sparring with.  So, there are ways to get around the bloody thing...

       Chastity shrugged, blushing at his praise, "Runs in the family...but I have to get better...this Buffy has to be good if she beat Faith that badly..."

       "Beat me more then a few times," Spike muttered beneath his breath, still bemoaning his loss of the Gem of Amara, "Ready to try again, luv?"

       Chastity nodded eagerly, falling into a casual defensive position, and Spike arched an eyebrow, born fighter, this one is...

       Spike glanced at Chastity as they prowled the graveyard, watching the way her body tensed when another vampire was near, then relaxed when it passed by, undoubtedly sensing Spike and thinking it was just a vamp out for a walk with his dinner.

       She was still dressed in her sweatpants, but she had rid herself the shirt, and was now just wearing  a thin, white cotton tank top that showed off her assets very well.  

       Whoa, mate...that's a mortal you're oogling...

       He paused in front of mauselum, "Up there," He instructed, bending to hook his hands together for her to use as a step, but she glanced up, and took a flying leap, landing nimbly on top of it.

       Spike raised an eyebrow before following her, "Nice distance."

       "Hmm..." She ignored him for the time being, looking around Restfield, "Why are we up here?"

       "Nice view?"  Spike suggested, and she sighed, shooting him a look.  He was glad to see that her former timidity had seemed to melt away after spending a few hours training and fighting together, and he had to admit, despite her inexperience, it was still fun, and it helped her to relax some around him.

       "Fine, fine," His eyes narrowed as he scanned the cemetary, "We're searching out your prey, pet."

       "You're not going to turn me, right?"  Chastity asked as he handed her a pair of binoculars, and pulled her down into a kneeling position.

       "Be quiet, and look towards the south-east corner."

       She did so, watching as a blond girl walked through the gates with a determined stride, "That her?"

       "In the annoying flesh," Spike lit up a cigarrette, "Watch her, luv, analyze her moves for future references, watch what fight tatics she repeats, and how many times she uses something new."

       Chastity nodded, barely resisting the urge to run down there and beat her to death with a shovel.  

       Spike spread his jacket out on the cold stone of the mauselum, and laid back, crossing his arms beneath his head as he looked up towards the night sky, "Hey, luv?  Why don't you just buy a gun and shoot her?  Why go through all this trouble to kill her?"

       "Why didn't you just buy a gun and shoot her?"  Chastity repeated back at him, her eyes still on Buffy as she perched over a fresh grave.  "No, she was up close and personal when she stabbed my big sister, and I want to see the look on her face when she sees my sister's face killing her."

       Spike pondered her question, why didn't I just shoot her?  No style...none of that personal, blood and guts bit when you rip them apart...nope...gun's too impersonal..."What's she doing?"

       "Just sitting there...waiting for a newbie to rise up."

       "That could take a while," Spike sighed, "All right, just wait till you hear fighting, then look.  I don't want to press our luck by having her eyes wander and see some strange person on top of a crypt at one in the morning."

       Chastity set aside the binoculars, and lay down also, but not too near him.  Spike noticed this and shook his head slightly, "So...tell me more about yourself."

       "Not much to tell.  I was born, given a goofy name, lost my sister when I was 12, found out she was in a coma...researched a vampire named William the Bloody, then sought out to find him to get him to help me kill Summers."

       "Rather dry history, luv," Spike commented, "What about the in-between areas?"

       Chastity shrugged, rolling on her side so she could look at him, "Faith was the interesting one out of both of us," She told him, "She was always a risk-taker, never lived by the rules, while I was the 'good' girl.  Attended school, wanted to go to college this fall, and even got accepted to Stanford..."

       "But you didn't go?"

       "I was all packed up, ready to leave, but then I heard Faith was here, and that Buffy Summers' stabbed her and put in a coma.  Kinda made college look less important.  My sister, she didn't deserve that...she didn't deserve to be stabbed by someone that was supposed to be fighting with her."

       Spike frowned slightly, "They didn't tell you much about her before she was stabbed, did they?"


       "No reason," Spike shrugged, "Just asking."  If she didn't know the details, it wasn't his problem.  He was only going to get her to kill the Slayer for him, and then he'd either turn her, oh, right...chip doesn't allow that...or send her packing back home to school and such.  It was definitely not his place to tell her that her sister had been the one to go evil and betray the person she was supposed to be fighting with.  Chastity was only a means to an end, of which he intended to see carried through.

       Chastity sat up when she heard fighting, and focused the binoculars on the Slayer, evaluating her every move as Spike had instructed, her eyes narrowed.  I will see you dead, Buffy...count on it...

       Xander groaned, lugging an old tv into Spike's new crypt, shooting the vampire a look, "So, you think this place is better then the basement?"

       "Well, yeah," Spike gestured at the dusty, stale room, "No fear of drowning when I'm sleeping."

       "Good point...mind if I move in with ya?"  Xander joked, wondering how he got so pathetic.  He could find his own crypt...nah, Anya would never go for that...unless I tell her it's fun and kinky to do it in a graveyard...

       "Put it over there," Spike gestured towards the corner.  He had spent most of the night arranging his new home,and had told Chastity to remain scarce till the next day.  He didn't want to ruin the surprise by having Xander or any of the others seeing Chastity too soon.

       Spike had raided the mansion, picking up any stuff that had been left behind when he and Drusilla had fled the country after Acaltha.  He even managed to snag some furniture, including an old bed, which was near the back.  He didn't look forward to sleeping on cold stone after sleeping indoors for the last couple months.

       "Is that all?"  Xander asked, cracking his back with a wince, and Spike nodded absently, "Yeah, thanks..."

       Xander hesistated for a few seconds, then sighed, "You won't be a stranger, will you?"

       Spike looked at him in surprise, "What?"

       Xander looked embarressed as he looked away, "Well, since Oz took a vacation...oh, hell...since he ditched Sunnydale faster then rat on the Titanic, there's no other guys in the gang, 'cept Giles...and he doesn't actually...make know...good drinking buddy...oh, and try to talk to him about sex, he goes all red and stammery..."

       "Uh..." Spike looked at a loss for words as Xander flopped into a chair, "You want to talk to me"

       Xander shrugged, "You have met Anya, right?  The girl's insatiable."

       Spike chuckled, digging through one of his boxes and grabbing out a few beers, thinking he might as well oblige the boy, since he had let him stay at his home for so long, "What do you want to know?"

       "Like...can you have sex too much?"

       Spike laughed, shaking his head, "Harris, if you think you're having too much sex, then you definitely don't have a problem."

       Xander shrugged, "I know...I just like to brag."

       Spike rolled his eyes, then perched on the sarchopugus, cracking open his beer, "Hey, just out of curiousty...what could you tell me about that other Slayer?  The one that went bad?"

       "Faith?"  Xander frowned, "Why?"

       Spike shrugged, assuming an air of casualness, "Just curious, that's all..."

       "Well," Xander sighed, "She was our friend, and then she killed a guy.  Long story short, she went psycho, betrayed us to join the Mayor for the Ascension...and then Buffy stabbed her to try and save your Daddy's life..."

       Spike raised an eyebrow, "Come again?"

       "Faith shot Angel with some kind of...poisoned arrow that was fatal to vamps, and the only cure was the draining of a Slayer.  Buffy tried to bring him Faith, but she fell onto a truck and Buffy lost her.  She showed up later at the hospital in a coma, so Buffy let Angel suck off her," Xander grimaced, "Insanity if you ask me."

       "So, the Slayer let Peaches drink off of her...and then he ditched town?  He's a stupider sod then I thought," Spike mused, "Not that I'm sorry to see him gone.  There's a pain in the arse I don't need."

       "Hear, hear," Xander held up his beer, then grinned, "Faith was my was fun, you know, up to the point she tried to strangle me..."

       "Dominatrix, then?"  Spike chuckled, "First was a Slayer?  Lucky boy.  Hear they're pretty strong."

       Xander winced slightly, "Yeah, there were bruises...lots of bruises..."

       Spike nodded absently, so, the apple does fall far from the tree...

       "Spike?  Earth to Spike!"  

       Spike jerked out of his thoughts, "Sorry?"

       "You're acting weird," Xander eyed him suspiciously, "I mean, since when have you been such a clean freak?  The rest of the place is dusty and smells like dead people, but you spent twenty minutes swearing and complaining about the sheets I gave you when you made the bed...and now you're asking about Faith?  You're never interested in anything I have to say."

       Spike hesistated, then shrugged, "So?  A Slayer gone bad interested me...that's a surprise?"

       "Guess not," Xander admitted, "But come on...the bed thing..." His eyes widened, and he suddenly grinned, "So that's the reason you wanted out of my house so bad!"

       "What?"  Spike started in surprise, wondering how he got found out so fast.  You were being bloody obvious, dumbass!  Of course they probably know Faith has a bleeding sister...

       "It's Harmony, isn't it?  She took your pathetic ass back?  Or some other chick?  Come on, Spike...give...who's stoking the vamp home fires now?" Spike nearly started to laugh in relief, but caught himself in time, although he couldn't quite hold back his relieved grin, but Xander mistook it for something else, "Oh, man!  You do got a girl!  Anyone I know?  Oh...wait...she's not evil, is she?"

       Spike hesistated, then sighed, "No, it's not Harm, and she's not...evil."  Well, not really...she's quasi-evil...

       "You're dating a non-evil girl?"

       "We're not dating!"

       "Okay...then you're shagging a non-evil girl?  Now why do I doubt that?  Oh, yeah...cause your last two girlfriends tried to kill me!"

       Spike shrugged, "Believe what you like," Spike replied, and Xander rolled his eyes, ", when do I get to meet the new Drusilla?"

       "She's nothing like Dru," Spike said automatically, then frowned slightly, why'd I say that?  "And never.  Can't have you people scaring her off."

       "If she's not evil, then why would she be scared off?"  Xander shot back, and Spike ran a hand through his hair with a frustrated hiss, wishing he had kept his mouth shut.

       "Fine, you can meet her, but the others can't.  Come back in the morning, she should be here."

       "Good...I just hope I don't interrupt anything."

       Jesus, don't I wish...Spike thought, then frowned again, deciding his thoughts were a little absurd of late.  Especially concerning a mere mortal.

       Chastity arrived early next morning, and was faintly surprised to see Spike was already up, "Don't you sleep during the day?" She asked, and Spike shrugged.

       "I get too restless in the mornings, but towards late afternoon, I usually crash," He told her, removing a leaf from her hair, "What's this?"

       "Oh, I crashed in the woods.  I found a nice cave to sleep in.  It was dry, at least," Chastity dropped her bag on the floor, and Spike raised an eyebrow, "You slept in a cave?"

       "Yep," Chastity shrugged, "I spent most of my night drawing depictions of naked man hunting bufflo and dinosaurs."

       "I do hope you're joking."

       "I am, sort of," She tossed him a couple blood bags, "What's on the menu for today?"  

       Wish it were you, Spike thought, eyeing the long column of her throat longingly, "Nothing much...we have to put off fighting till some piss-ant comes by and makes sure you're not evil.  We have to pretend we're dating by the way..."

       Chastity frowned, "Should I be worried about this?"

       "Probably," Spike looked towards the door as it opened, then sighed, "Bloody pain in the arse..."

       "Thanks for coming, Wills," Xander said, and the witch shrugged, "So, you think Spike's new girlfriend is evil?"

       "Don't you?  I mean, the guy's okay since he got the chip in, but I wouldn't put it past him to get someone else to off Buffy," Xander pointed out as he started to swing open the door, "Ten to one, it's some creepy demon or..."

       "FAITH!"  Willow's eyes widened as Spike and Chastity whirled towards the door in surprise, "OH MY GOD!  IT'S FAITH!"

       Xander yelped, leaping behind Willow for protection, and Willow nervously stared at her, "Uh...hey...nice to see you..."

       "Why do they think you're Faith?" Spike asked, turning towards Chastity, and she glared at him before slapping him upside the head.

       "Identical twins, you moron!"

       "What?!  You never said anything about being twins!"

       "You never actually met my sister, did you?"

       "No!  So excuse me for bloody unliving!"

       Chastity groaned shaking her head as she glanced towards the two friends, trying to figure out a way to do some damage control.

       Willow and Xander were staring at them in confusion, and Spike quickly recovered himself, grinning sheepishly, "Uh...yeah...this is Chastity...Faith's twin sis..."

       "Yeah, we got that," Xander snapped, "What I don't get is why you're balling her!"

       Both Chastity and Willow blushed and Spike glared at him, "You kiss your mother with that fucking mouth?"

       Chastity looked towards Willow and smiled hesistantly, "Hi...I'm Chastity," She offered her hand, and Willow took it after a few seconds, "I'm...uh...Willow...Buffy's friend..."

       Chastity forced her smile to stay on her face, "Faith's friend?  Oh, I'd like very much to meet her...I want to know everything about my sister.  I haven't seen her in six years, and just last month, I heard she was in a coma...I was hoping someone could tell me what happened..."

       "Oh...Oh!"  Willow looked towards Spike, but he shook his head, indicating he didn't tell her anything, and Willow glanced back at Chastity, "I'm sorry about Faith...she was a good friend..."

       Xander looked like he was about to make a comment, but Willow shot him a scathing glare, and he sighed, "Yeah, she was great."

       "That means so much to me to hear," Chastity smiled wanly, "I'm glad I'm among...friends..."

       "If you're Faith's sister, how come she didn't mention you?"

       "She didn't?"  She looked momentarily hurt, "Are you sure?"

       Willow elbowed Xander, "I'm sure she...just forgot."

       "Uh-uh," Spike mumbled beneath his breath, "Yeah, right."

       Xander was still looking at her mistrustfully, and she smiled meekly at him, "Something wrong?"

       "Why are you hanging around with deadboy?"

       "Spike?"  Chastity shrugged, "I ran into him, and he was nice enough to offer me a place to stay...granted, it's a little dirty, but I've been in worse.  Sunnydale Motor Inn for one."

       "I think he wants you to walk outside, pet," Spike informed her, amusement apparent in his tone, "He thinks you're a vampire."

       Chastity laughed genuinely, and stepped towards the doorway to stand in direct sunlight, alleviating the boy's doubts some.  "See?  I'm not a vampire."

       "If your sister's a Slayer, does that mean you are too?"

       "No.  Why does everyone think that?"  Chastity shook her head, "If I was, the Council would have taken me in too, but nope, Faith's the Slayer in my family."

       Xander glanced at Willow, "We should really talk to Buffy about this..."

       "Duh," Willow rolled her eyes, smiling at Chastity, "You want to come with us?"

       "Considering your reaction, I don't think it would be a good idea," Chastity pointed out, "Besides...Spike and I have some business..."

       "I just bet," Xander shot the vampire a look, and Spike smirked at him, wrapping an arm around Chastity's waist, "So, if you two are done gawking..."

       "We're going," Willow grabbed Xander's arm, starting to drag him out.  Before they found Buffy, they had to hit the hospital to make sure Faith was still in a couldn't be too careful, especially when it came too Faith.

       As soon as they were gone, Chastity pulled out of Spike's grasp, much to the vampire's disappointment, "Great!  Now the Slayer's going to know I'm here!  Now what?"

       Spike shrugged, "You get close to her, then kill her, that's all, pet.  Nothing changes, right?"

       Chastity sighed, "Right...nothing changes..."

       Spike took a step towards her, brushing a strand of hair out of her violet eyes, frowning when he saw the pain in her eyes, but she quickly masked it, pulling away from him, "Ready to train then?"

       "Yeah," Spike dropped his hand, "Let's train..."

       "Who?"  Buffy stared at her two friends in disbelief.

       "Faith's sister!  I her twin sister!"  Willow said, "She' Spike..."

       "WHAT?!"  Buffy's eyes widened.  "This isn't good!  Faith's sister is dating my mortal enemy?!  Do you have any idea what they could be planning on doing to me?!"

       "Uh...she seemed nice," Willow said sheepishly, and Xander nodded, "And she wasn't turned, so she's not evil..."

       "Xander, Faith wasn't turned either," Buffy rubbed her eyes wearily, "Faith has a sister...why didn't she say anything about her before?"

       "I don't know...I mentioned it, and she looked really  hurt that Faith didn't say anything about her," Xander told her, frowning, "You think Spike's planning something?  He just looked horny to me."

       Buffy slapped a hand over her eyes, groaning, "All right...Willow, hit him.  I really didn't need the image of a horny Spike in my head..." She sighed, dropping her hand as she looked at both her best friends, "Keep your distance, guys, till I figure out what she's doing here...and how much she knows about Faith's coma...namely, about who put her there."

       Xander and Willow exchanged a worried look, "Right, Buff...but she did seem nice...really...unFaithy..."

       Buffy nodded, her eyes narrowing.  "We'll see," She muttered beneath her breath, wondering why Faith's sister would show up now, of all times.  I already trust her about as far as I can throw her...

       Chastity countered a punch from Spike, then whirled driving a kick into his chest and forcing him to take a step back.  He scowled, looking down at the footprint on his t-shirt, "I really need to dust in here," He complained, removing the offending article and falling back into a fighting position, then saw Chastity was staring at him.

       He smirked, "Like what you see, luv?"

       Chastity snapped herself out of it, distractions...even if he's built like an Adonis...this is all for Faith, remember?

       "Nope, just thought it would be a shame to bruise you all up," Chastity teased and Spike grinned, gesturing at himself.

       "Try it, pet."

       She narrowed her eyes, then leapt at him, striking out with her fists.  Spike blocked most of her punches easily, and ducked the others, and he inwardly sighed, knowing if she was that easy to beat, she'd never stand a chance with Buffy.

       "Luv, why don't you forget about the sodding Slayer?"  He asked, catching her fist and shoving her back from him, "What say we flee the bleeding country together?  We could go have loads of fun back in my home town..."

       "Not a chance," She grunted, trying to force him back, just as disappointed with herself as he was, "I'm not giving up on this...not till she's dead..."

       Spike shook his head, tripping her up, and she fell to the floor with an oof. "Luv," He pinned her, and she tried to dislodge him unsuccessfully, "You'll be dead before you succeed..."

       "Then turn me!"  She glared at him, "Give me the strength I lack!"

       "Goddamn it!"  He let go of her, "I can't turn you, pet!  I can't even hit you!"

       "What?"  She frowned in confusion, "But you hit me..."

       Spike went to earnestly throw a punch at her, then recoiled as the pain from the chip slammed into his head, and her eyes widened.

       "What's wrong with you?" She asked as he rubbed his temples painfully.

       "Chip in my head...courtesy of some bloody army-pain-in-the-arse-institution..."

       "Good God..." She shook her head, "Then how in the hell are you supposed to help me?"

       Spike bristled, glaring at her, "Luv, not even God himself can help you!  You can't fight, and that's the end of it!"

       "God!"  She apparently ignored him, "You were just wasting my fucking time!  I cannot believe this!  What?  Were you toying with me?  Toying with my sister's plight?  Goddamn you!"

       She grabbed her bag, shaking her head, "I'll just find some other vampire to train me!"

       Spike's hand shot out to grab her arm, and he jerkedher against him with a growl, "I don't fucking think so!  Any other vampire will have ripped your throat out by now!"

       "Or turned me!"  She jerked away from him, still angry, "You had no right..."

       "Hey!  You came to me for help, and I fucking gave it, you ungrateful bitch!"

       Her eyes narrowed as she stalked towards him, then punched him square in the face, "Don't call me a bitch!"  She snapped at him before kicking him in the chest again, then spinning to ram her foot into the side of his head.

       Spike staggered back, blood trickling out of the side of his mouth, but he was grinning, as he blocked a punch to his stomach only to be struck in the face again, and she stomped her foot down on his before kneeing him in the crotch.

       He collapsed to his knees with a grunt, clutching his sore package, "Oh...that was low," He gasped out with a wince, and Chastity glared at him.

       "I'll kill Summers on my own!  I don't need you!"

       She whirled, and ran smack into Buffy.

       "Oh shit..."  Spike muttered beneath his breath, "I can see this ending dusty..."

       Buffy was glaring daggers at Chastity, "I knew you couldn't be trusted.  Nice, my ass!"  She punched Chastity in the face, and the girl dropped like a ton of bricks beside Spike.

       Buffy reached down to grab her, but Spike grabbed her arm, "Leave her be, Slayer," He growled at her, and Buffy's eyes narrowed as a stake slid into her palm, "I really don't think you have a say in this, Spike.  She's an attempted murderer...she deserves to be in jail just like her sister."

       "Why don't you just stab her, Slayer?"  Spike sneered at her, "You're awfully try to kill someone for your precious Angel, it's justified...but she wants to kill you for putting her goddamn sister in a coma, and it's a crime?"

       Buffy straightened, glaring at him, "I want you both out of town by sunset, Spike.  And if I see either of you again, both of you are going to pay, got that?"

       Spike glared at her, "Since when did I become responsible for the chit?"

       "She's still here, Spike, it's you I'll be staking," Buffy promised, then turned, stalking out of the crypt stiffly, and Spike swore beneath his breath, leaning back against the wall, then looking down at the unconcious girl with a scowl.  

       "Christ...thanks a lot,'re a hell of lot more trouble then you're worth..."  

       He stood with a wince, then glanced at his watch before packing his bag.  By the time sunset rolled around, she was still unconcious, so he picked her up and carried her out to his car with a small swear.  First town we come too when she wakes up, I'm dropping her arse there...

       It's so dark and cold...Faith shuddered in the blackness, trying to force her way out of it, but she was like a swimmer in a stormy sea.  She was unable to break through to the surface and nourishing air, and seemed doomed to sink into the black and watery depths.

       But Slayers were always strong, and with a burst of strength, she broke through the waves, gulping eagerly at the sweet air surrounding her.

       Faith opened her eyes and glanced around the hospital room, her eyes narrowing.  I'm back, B...and I'm fucking pissed...

       Two hours out of Sunnydale, Chastity groaned and sat up, cradling her head, "Anybody get the number on that monster?"

       Spike glanced in the rearview mirror at her, scowling, "I hope you're happy, pet...cause of you, I'm driven out again, and I'll never get this sodding chip out..."

       "What?"  She looked at him, then realized she was in a car, "Where are we going?  Oh...God...we have to go back!  I'm not finished yet."

       "I'd say you are," Spike shook his head, "One punch, and you went down, pet.  You're never going to master the skills to fight a Slayer in this lifetime..."

       Chastity scrambled over the seat, "Spike, I have to go back...please..."

       "Now it's please?"  He glared at her, "You go back, you're as good as dead...why are you being so fucking dumb?"

       "Only two days, Spike...we only spent two days trying..."

       Spike sighed and pulled over on the side of the highway, turning towards her, "Luv, it's not just don't have it in you.  I've seen killers...hell, I am one!  But're not a murderer.  I don't care how mad you are, you're not a killer."

       "You don't understand...Faith..."

       "Was a murderer!"  Spike raised his voice, exasperated, "She killed a man, pet!  A human!  Then she betrayed the Slayer and all her friends!"

       "What?"  Chastity gaped at him, "No...I refuse to believe that!"

       "It's true," Spike softened his tone, swiping at a tear that dripped down her shocked face, "She killed a man, luv, something a Slayer should never do...and instead of facing her crimes...she joined with the enemy and almost ended the world...don't you see?  You're sister wasn't good or kind...not like you...she was a Slayer that went bad..."

       "No," Chastity shook her head, "I can't believe that...Faith would never..."

       "She did," Spike insisted gently, and Chastity exhaled sharply, seeing the truth reflected in his eyes, "She didn't repent what she did, luv...but I can guarentee you, that if you went out and bought  a gun right now, and marched back into Sunnydale to blow the Slayer'd never be able to live with yourself.  Not with the knowledge that you took a human life, especially one that had to hurt your sister to save the world..."

       Chastity dropped her eyes, sniffling, "Why didn't you tell me before?"

       "Pride...vengeance on the Slayer...I don't know, luv.  I just didn't...but I'm right about you, I know that much.  You're not a murderer..." He tilted her chin up, forcing her to meet his eyes, "You're too good a person for that..."

       Her lips trembled, on the verge of tears, and Spike gently pressed his lips against hers, closing his eyes as his arm slid around her waist.  She opened her mouth, and his tongue swept inside to tangle with hers.

       He pressed her against the door, attempting to get better access to her mouth, and his knee knocked against the stick shift, moving it out of park.  He didn't notice the car starting to move as Chastity kissed him back eagerly, her hands running up beneath his t-shirt to rest against his pale hard chest.

       Suddenly, the car ran up against something hard, and Chastity yelped as she slid off the seat and onto her butt in the small space between the dashboard and seat.  "MY CAR!"  Spike's eyes widened as he hopped out, and Chastity shook her head as she tried to dislodge herself, nearly growling in annoyance when she found she was stuck.

       She had to smile when she heard Spike's snarls and swears from outside as she reached backward and grasped the doorknob.  She opened it and nearly fell out of the car, then awkardly climbed out.

       "The front fender's warped!"  Spike said in dismay, and Chastity raised an eyebrow, seeing the car from the outside for the first time, "DeSota Sportsman...sweet."

       Spike looked up in surprise as Chastity circled it.  "What?"

       "Car buff, love the classics," She ran her hand along the body lovingly, then shot him a look, "You blackened the windows, and the interior is covered with cigarrette burns and smells like something died in don't deserve this car."

       She knelt down, sighting along it, "I wanted a DeSota since I was kid...nice lines, beautiful carriage...engine that purrs..."

       "Baby," Spike shot her an adoring look, "Marry me."

       "Funny," She moved to the front, wincing, "Ouch...that does it.  I'm staking you and stealing your car."

       Spike chuckled as she popped the hood, watching her backside wriggle in the air as she looked at the engine, one leg lifted in the air.  "Precious, you're a gift from Satan himself, you know that?"

       "Hmm?"  She was obviously not paying attention to him, "When was your last oil change?  I don't think this cap has been moved since you got the damn thing!"

       "Uh...luv?"  Spike glanced over the top of the car as a police car pulled up, "We got company."

       "As long as you got your papers in order and no dead bodies in the trunk, we're fine..." She closed the hood with a relunctant sigh.  "Plus, I could always flirt with him."

       "Her," Spike clarified as the policewoman came towards them, hand on the butt of her pistol.  She paused mid-way, training her flashlight first on Spike's face, who flinched, then on Chastity's.  

       Her eyes widened as she gripped the radio on her shoulder, "Lenait to Base...I got's the girl who escaped from the Sunnydale Hospital..."

       "What?"  Spike glanced at Chastity in confusion, who frowned, "What's this about, ma'am...?"

       "Freeze!"  The officer drew her gun, and both vampire and human held up their hands, "Whoa!  What's your problem?" Spike growled, "We just had an accident..."

       The cop ignored them, "Matches the describtion, black hair, five foot seven..."

       Spike glanced at Chastity, who stepped forward, "Officer?  I'll come willingly, I don't want any trouble...but he's not involved in this...I only hitched a ride with him..."

       "This true sir?"

       Spike glanced at Chastity doubtfully, and she cocked her head towards the sky, indicating that sunrise would be there soon, and he couldn't very well go to prison.  He sighed, "Yes, ma'am.  I picked her up about six miles down..."

       "You know it's illegal to pick up hitchhikers in the state of California?"

       Spike nodded, gritting his teeth together as the officer moved forward, "Put your hands on the hood," She said, and Chastity obeyed.

       Spike waited till the cop started to frisk her, and Spike let out a small yell of pain as he brought his fist down on her head and dropped her to the ground, "Get in the car, now!"  He growled, and Chastity quickly moved the cop back to her car, making sure she was safe from any oncoming traffic.

       "We have to get back to Sunnydale," Chastity said, and Spike glanced at her as he started the car, "What?"

       "Faith's awake," Chastity said, looking towards him, "And I think you're right about makes me sick to my stomach to imagine my sister about to do the job that I was going to do...I can't let her kill another human being, Spike..."

       Spike hesitated, then jerked the wheel sharply to the left, shooting over the island in the middle to join the traffic heading back towards Sunnydale, "You're killing me here, pet," He muttered beneath his breath, and she leaned across the seat, kissing his cheek, "Thank you, Spike...I appreciate it..."

       He looked towards her as she settled back in her seat, forlornly looking out the window.  He sighed softly, looking back out on the road. and your women, mate...they always get you whipped...

       Buffy sighed as she inspected Spike's crypt, glad to see that he had apparently taken off like promised, but she felt a small twinge of regret also.  Not for Spike, but for Chastity.  

       After she punched her out, she had talked with Willow and Xander, and both had been genuinely surprised to find that she was attempting to kill Buffy, asserting that she was shy and nice.

       "She even blushed when Spike made a rude comment!"  Willow said in surprise, "She wasn't like Faith at all...I mean...besides the whole...kill Buffy thing...but she was nice...!"

       Buffy rubbed her eyes wearily, wishing she had least gotten a chance to explain things and apologize for what she had done.  Spike was right, as always.  She really had no right to take justice in her own hands and attempt to kill Faith.  It was wrong, and she was surprised the others didn't condemn her for her actions.

       Buffy sighed again, wishing to be able to change the past as she walked through the graveyard back home, "Faith...I'm so sorry..." She murmured beneath her breath.

       Suddenly she pitched forward as something smashed against the back of the head, and she rolled to her back with a groan, a dark-haired figure wavering in her vision.  Chastity?  She thought before she passed out.

       "We're five-by-five, B," Faith dropped the tree branch she had been holding, grinning evilly, "We're five-by-five..."

       "Don't you dare!"  Chastity fairly shrieked as Spike gunned the motor, leaning over the wheel, an evil grin on his face, "Not in this car!"  

       "Sorry, luv...tradition."

       He slammed on the gas, and Chastity threw her hands over her eyes as he smashed through the 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign, crying out as the car bounced as wood struck it's hood.

       "If you smashed the grill, I'll kill you!"

       Spike grinned at her in amusement as he slammed on the brake, and she yelped as she hurtled towards the dashboard, but Spike caught her in time, and hauled her onto his lap to plunder her mouth hungrily.

       She pulled away after a few minutes, staring at him in surprise, "What was that for?"

       "Do you know that every man on the planet gets hot when women talk about cars?"

       Chastity raised an eyebrow, her expression turning to one of musing, "I've heard of this phenomna," She said in an official voice, "It's been recently termed as a 'Stupid Guy Thing...'"

       Spike growled, nuzzling her neck before releasing her with some regret, "If we weren't in such a bleeding hurry, I'd be ravaging you like a randy school boy in the backseat."

       She smiled as she leaned towards him, whispering in his ear, "Ravaging can come later, for now, we have to go stop my sister..."

       Spike nearly groaned, muttering inaudibly beneath his breath, " I have to drive with a bleeding hard-on...women!"

       Buffy groaned as she came too, her head throbbing.  Christ...I feel like I was bashed in the head...oh...right, that's because I was...

       She heard loud music blaring, and she lifted her head, her eyes widening in shock when she saw where she was.  She was in the mansion, chained to the wall, and her eyes widened when she saw a familiar figure enter the room.

       "Chastity...whatever you're planning..."

       Faith froze, staring at Buffy in confusion, "How in the hell do you know about her?"

       Fuck...not Chastity...

       "Faith?"  Buffy shook her head, "But you're..."

       "In a coma?  Yeah, imagine my fucking surprise when I woke up. a fucking coma!"  Faith sneered at her, "And now you're chained to the wall, but there isn't an Angel around to try and save you, now is there?"


       "Shut up, you bitch!"  Faith backhanded her, and Buffy carried her head with the blow to lessen the pain.  Faith straddled her lap, forcing Buffy to look at her, "Now what's this about my goody sister?"

       "Chastity...she came here to kill me," Buffy told her, "But unlike some stupid bitches I know, she took off with Spike..."

       "Spike..." Faith repeated, "William the Bloody...hmm...never thought my little sis would have it in her to be boffing vampires...hell, to be boffing anybody.  She was always the 'nice' one," She said it with a sneer, and Buffy's eyes narrowed.

       "She's your sister...and you don't love her?"

       "Love that fucking little goody-two-shoes?!  Please! She was a pain in the ass that never went away!  Why in the hell would I care about her?"  Faith asked, smirking, "But she came to kill you, so she must have got a little gutsy over the years..."

       "I dropped her with one punch," Buffy tried to buy herself some time as she searched for weaknesses in the chain, "Your sister's a huge wimp."  She hoped to goad Faith on a bit, thinking that someone else insulting her sister would irk her.  It didn't work.

       "Yeah, well, she doesn't have half the guts we do, B...although, I thought you lacking them before you stabbed me, and that took a huge pair of brass ones to do that."

       Faith stood back up, removing a knife from one of the tables, "Remember this, B?"  

       Buffy's eyes widened slightly.  It was the black knife that the Mayor had given Faith, and she had used it to stab the dark-haired Slayer.  Not good...then again, nothing up to that point had been good, and it promised to get a hell of a lot worse.


       "What?"  Chastity paused outside the crypt as Spike frowned.

       "I smell blood,'s Slayer blood."

       Chastity followed his gaze, then stooped to pick up a treebranch, frowning as she touched the tacky substance mixed with the sap, "Buffy...shit..."  Chastity dropped it again, glancing at Spike, "Where would Faith take her?"

       "Somewhere that it would cause her the most pain," He mused wonderingly, trying to think of where that would be.  Duh..."The mansion on Crawford Street..."

       "Great, I'm driving," She grabbed the car keys from him, and Spike rolled his eyes as he followed her,'s official...I'm a bleeding white hat...going off to rescue the Slayer at the whim of a Slayer wanna-be...

       He sighed, wondering why in the hell he was doing this, once again...duh.

       "Do you have any idea what was like to be stabbed by you, B?"  Faith questioned, running the blade of her knife along the side of Buffy's face, not hard enough to cut, but enough to make Buffy sweat just a little.

       "It's sharp, fiery pain...followed by the knowledge that your sister in arms betrayed you..." Faith pressed the point of the blade against Buffy's breast and gently wormed into the soft flesh, and Buffy grunted, her eyes narrowing.

       "Faith...I'm sorry for stabbing you...I'm sorry you feel I wronged you somehow...and I'm sorry that you're a stupid fucking bitch that I didn't kill while you were still sleeping."

       Faith chuckled, "You know, my sister was always the favorite...oh no, she could never do any wrong.  If something broke, it was my fault, if the goddamn dog got ran over, it was because I didn't latch the gate.  Good old Chase would have locked it.  Good, little Chase always did her homework and got straight A's in school...but little Chase is worth shit, B.  Because no matter if my parents loved her best, I'm the special one, I'm the Slayer, and she's just a worthless little tramp."

       "And now," Faith cut a little deeper, and Buffy's eyes slammed shut in pain, "When I came here, we were supposed to be like sisters, B.  You were supposed to be my friend, but oh no, you were just another precious, little Chastity, revered above all.  You had Giles, Willow, Xander, Oz...hell, you had that fine piece of ass, Angel...and what did I have?  Absolutly nothing. They probably even had a fucking party when they found out you stabbed me..."

       "Faith...get over yourself," Buffy spat out, "Not everything is about you.  So what?  No one cared if you got stabbed, but can you blame them?  You betrayed everyone!  Talk about people being unable to see wrong!  You're evil, Faith...and you deserved to be put down like a dog!"

       "Oh, wrong answer," Faith pushed the blade farther in, and Buffy bit the inside of her lip to keep from crying out.

       "Let's see if the amazing Buffy bleeds, shall we?"

       Spike watched the expression on Chastity's face as she listened to Faith's words, her features becoming hard with determination.  "I'll distract her, you sneak in on the side and free Buffy," Chastity instructed quietly, and before Spike could stop her, she was striding determinedly into the room, and he swore beneath his breath, obeying.

       Chastity took stock of herself, trying to ignore the hurt and pain the words her sister had spoken had invoked in her.  She never thought that Faith thought of her like that.  Try to be a good sister...

       She allowed the anger to wash over her as she stepped into the room, allowing a smirk to come over her face. "Faith, sister dear, so good to see you up and about."

       Faith whirled, her eyes widening in surprise to see her twin.  Buffy lifted her eyes to idly note they didn't look that much similiar as she had thought.  Chastity's hair was a lighter brown, and her eyes were more violet then the dark, deep purple of Faith's.

       Buffy heard a scuffling side, and her eyes shot to the side, widening when she saw Spike.  He held a finger to his lips, his eyes on the two sisters, and she could see anger on his face, and wondered how much Chastity had heard.

       "Chase?!"  Faith straightened, her arm falling to the side, and Chastity smiled widely.

       "I see you were about to finish my work for me.  Shame, really...all that trouble for nothing," She sighed with a shrug as Spike approached Buffy's side, "Nothing I can do about it now...although, the thought of Buffy's death has led me to very pleasant dreams."

       Faith was slightly puzzled by this as she stepped towards her sister, "You were really going to kill her?"  She asked, then tensed, sensing  a vampire.

       Spike immediately froze, and turned his leering countenance on Buffy, "Gotta say," He looked towards Faith and Chastity, "Like what I'm seeing here, plenty of blood, not nearly enough screaming for my tastes...but hey, beggers can't be choosers."

       "Faith, meet Spike," Chastity smiled at the vampire briefly, "He's been a hell of a lot of help."

       "And I intend to be repaid in full," He allowed his gaze to wash over the two sisters, "And I'm already thinking of a good payment."

       Faith chuckled, walking towards him, "He's a hottie, B, how come you never told me that?"  She asked, and Spike tensed as she placed her hands on his chest, "I definitely could hit that."

       Chastity's eyes narrowed as she went towards Buffy, "Chains, Faith?  Is that really sporting?  Spike taught me that it's no fun like that."

       "What else has he been teaching you, sister?"  Faith turned towards her, "Bet he taught you how to suck him off till he writhes, screaming for more..." She watched a slow blush creep across her sister's face but Chastity still pasted a smirk on her face.

       " can bet he taught me that..."

       Faith wrapped an arm around her shoulder, smiling brightly, "I bet he even taught you how to take it from behind, ass up in the air while he pounds into you."

       "Su-sure..." Chastity's voice faltered a bit, and Faith smiled slowly.  Spike frowned, wondering what she was up too, "And I bet he taught you that nothing's sweeter then killing a Slayer," She removed another knife from her boot, handing it to her, "You do the honors."

       Chastity visibly tensed while Spike's eyes went wide.  He wouldn't be able to help her out now.  It wasn't like he could hit Faith or anything, so Chastity was on her own.  Christ...

       Chastity leaned over Buffy, her eyes wide, and the Slayer looked at her, nodding briefly and bracing herself for the pain.  Chastity touched her arm lightly, "Wait for it..." she said softly.  She was speaking to Spike, knowing he could hear her.


       Chastity suddenly whirled and launched herself at her sister.  Faith was ready for her however, and her black knife came up, burying itself to the hilt in her chest.

       Spike had ripped the chains from the wall, and turned in time to see the knife enter Chastity's chest and froze in shock, watching as the girl fell to the ground with a strangled cry.


       Buffy jumped to her feet, "You fucking bitch!"  She screamed, flinging herself at Faith, knocking her to the ground.  Faith kicked her off and spun back to her feet, sneering at Buffy.

        "Well, at least you'll go out with a fight..."

       Spike broke out of his shock, and began keening wildly, dropping beside Chastity, and pulling her head onto his lap, his eyes wide.

       Faith was startled by the primal, vampire death cry, and was distracted for just a moment, but it would be her downfall.  Buffy hefted one of the chain still connected to her wrist and snapped it at her head.  Faith yelped as it struck her, splitting her skull open as she fell to the ground near her sister, the blood of the two girls mingling together on the stone floor.

       Buffy stared numbly at Faith's dead body, then looked towards Spike, who was still keening loudly.

       She knelt beside him and gripped the knife still in the girl's chest, and winced as it came out with a sickening squelching sound, and Chastity gasped, her eyes shooting open with the flare of pain.

       "Chastity, baby..." Spike touched her forehead, feeling it was already cooling as she rapidly lost her blood.  He let out a choked sob as he removed his duster and spread the soft leather over her, "Come on, you're stronger then this..."

       She smiled wanly, shaking her head, "Faith..."

       "She's dead," Buffy's tone was cold in regard to the former Slayer, "Another will be called," She intoned lifelessly, and Chastity sighed, closing her eyes, "I love her..."

       "I know, pet..." Spike lifted her body up against him, holding her tightly, "You're going to be okay, all right?"  

       "No," She shook her head weakly, smiling up at Spike, "Thank you..."

       Buffy stood as Spike let out another sob, stepping away from them to give them a little privacy as she cast her eyes down.  

       "Chastity,'re going to be fine, all right?"

       "I...Spike...I lo..." she started to cough, and he closed his eyes as his face was spattered with the blood she ejected from her lungs.  She was drowning in her own blood.  He looked down at her again as her eyes drifted shut, and her body started to go limp in his arms.  He bit the inside of his cheeks viciously to keep from crying out, and felt the blood rush into his mouth.

       He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply, giving her one last gift before she slipped away from him.  "I love you," He murmured against them, closing his eyes for several minutes, listening as her heartbeat disappeared.

       Buffy watched as Spike pressed his forehead against hers and slowly stood, glancing at Buffy, his eyes dripping tears of blood.  Then he turned and strode from the mansion, still carrying her body, and Buffy felt her own tears well, having heard his confession from where she stood.

       She glanced down at Faith's body, shuddering at the coldness that would make a girl kill her own sister.

       Spike stood above Chastity's grave, sighing sadly.  Didn't even know her last name, he mused, then scowled at the grave beside hers, with Faith's bare headstone, her first name etched into it.

       He had only done it because he knew Chastity would have wanted it.  Even in the end, she loved her sister.  It pained him that she had to experience such betrayal, that her sweetness that made him love her in a mere few days was marred by such an act.

       He looked back at Chastity's grave, decorated with several bouquets of flowers.  Didn't know her last name, favorite color, what she wanted to be after college...hell, I didn't even get a chance to tell her I loved her before she died...

       He felt the familiar tears course down his face as he read the words engraved into the cold, hard stone. life, she was loved, in death, more so...

       It was bloody awful, but it was all he could think of, and the Slayer, of all people had told him it was sweet.

       Willow stirred behind him, and he glanced over his shoulder at the assembled Scooby Gang, all of them on edge, Willow, Buffy and Xander with tears gleaming in their eyes.  They were the only ones who had a chance to meet her.  The others were there as a favor to him.

       He glanced back at the grave, kneeling before it as he plunged both hands up to his elbows in the earth, and found cool flesh beneath his fingers.  He gripped the hands reaching up and pulled a dirty, dusty Chastity from her final resting place.

       She coughed up the earth she had swallowed, her eyes wide as she fell against Spike, shuddering with fear and cold.  "It was so dark..." She whispered, and he stroked her soft hair, murmuring that everything was all right.

       Chastity lifted her eyes to see several crossbows trained on her and Spike, her eyes widening even more, "What's happening?"

       Spike brushed his fingers across his new Childe's cheek, "Did it work?"  He asked aloud, and Buffy frowned.

       "Chastity...look at me..."

       She did, her lower lip trembling in fear, "What happened?"

       "It worked...well, at least the soul part," Buffy sighed, "We don't know about the rest...but...if it does...."

       "It'll work on Angel, hopefully," Willow said, watching with a smile as Spike lifted Chastity up, and she clung to him, shaking, "I'm dead...aren't I?"

       "Undead, luv," Spike breathed softly, "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking...but I couldn't lose you..."

       She looked up at him in surprise, "I don't feel evil..."

       "Yeah, well," Spike shrugged, "Slayer made me agree to it..."

       "Don't listen to him," Buffy shook her head, "He told me what he did, and asked Willow to try and modify the ensoulement spell...hopefully, it removed the happiness clause. do have to try it out..." Buffy grinned, "Probably a few times over..."

       Chastity would have blushed if she could have, and Giles shook his head slightly, "Bloody there's two of them..."

       "Why?"  Chastity asked, glancing back at Spike, who was smiling warmly down at her, "Why would you do that for me?"

       "For one," He brushed his lips against hers, "I love you like this, all sweet and kind...and two, I had to make it up to you...I'm sorry for making you this...I didn't mean too..."  he glanced away from her guiltly, a disappointed look crossing his face as she wriggled from his grasp.

       She touched his cheek softly, and he looked towards her, "Thank you, Spike...for giving me another chance...and not letting me become...a monster," She whispered, kissing him chastely, "And...I love you too..."

       Spike met her gaze in surprise, then whooped, sweeping her back into his arms, grinning almost madly, "After I take you to my car, and get to the ravaging you promised me, what say we ditch this town?  With your sis dead, another Slayer'll be activated, and things could get a wee bit dusty around here...we could hit London...hell, France, you like France right...?"  

       She had gone pale, her eyes widening, and Spike swore beneath his breath, "Bloody stupid...goddamn it, pet...I'm sorry," he let her down again as she turned towards Faith's grave, her entire body shaking. Spike threw a glance at the others, and they left obligingly, leaving Sire and Childe to themselves.

       She knelt before it, staring at the bare earth of her sister's grave, then at hers.  She grabbed the flowers from her grave, softly murmuring that Faith needed them more, and Spike helped her settle them.  

       She smiled sadly at him, running her fingers along the words he had made for her, "Beloved Sister..." She murmured, tears of blood running down her face, "She gave me a second chance too, Spike...but she taught me something too...that you were right...that I could never be a killer.  I would have hated myself if I became like cold and dead to the world...I wonder why I didn't see it before..."

       "Love is blind, pet," Spike told her gently, "You didn't see it because you loved her and could see no wrong in her.  It nearly destroyed you both, her hatred and her rage...but you're better then that."

       She looked towards him, smiling slightly as she brushed off her simple white dress, shaking out her chestnut tresses with a small laugh, as she reached for him.  She loved her sisterdearly, but she was ready to move on, with her new family.  Someone who would love her always and never hurt her.

       Spike was glad to inform Buffy the next day that the spell was successfully, and added with a chuckle that he was sure, since Chastity experienced multiple moments of true happiness.

       The next week, they were off in his car, her cringing when he ran down the Sunnydale sign once again, and threatening him with death if he dented the fender.  He good-naturedly grumbled that she loved his car more then him, which she proved otherwise by giving him multiple moments of true happiness.

       Buffy was on a bus to LA the next day, orb in hand, spell in pocket and grin on her face.

       Some nights, Chastity would lie wake next to a sleeping, purring Spike in a far-off location, tears running down her face as she thought of her sister and her betrayal, but she forgave her with all her heart.

       Because of Faith, her Sire would wake up beside her and kiss her tears away before slipping inside her, murmuring that he loved her even as he worshipped her body slowly.  

       For that, she was grateful, since she loved Spike above all, glad to know that nothing would ever seperate them, not even death, since both had silently vowed to themselves that when the other went, the other would follow.  

       If she could have changed anything, she would only have wished that her sister could see her now, and see how happy she had made her unintentionally, hoping it would bring a little light into Faith's own shadows.

       I love you, dearest sister...

The End



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