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Hey folks. Thanks to time constraints on the part of the Plum, I got some outside help to keep my Fic Recs page updated. Thanks tons to Jenn, whose going to be going through the web and finding quality fics for all of you to read.

All new Fic Recs from Jenn and RWP!!! More coming soon!


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Buffy Want... By Laure Alexander

NC17 AU Beer Bad. Buffy hunts for a mate. Guess who?

The Butterfly Effect By Cousin Jean

NC-17 Post-Chosen, Buffy travels back in time to Sunnydale and meets up with Season 2 Spike. This story would be a perfect S8 of "Buffy."

The Chains Series By Lynn

AU Becoming. This fic is not finished and probably never will be, but still is my favorite Spuffy fic ever. It has everything- romance, fluff, angst, smut, humor, and an elaborate plot. Just a perfectly crafted story!

Dancing Lessons By Various Authors

NC-17 Round Robin fic, VERY long, WIP, Character Death

Absolutely the BEST long-running fictions I have ever read. WIP? Who gives a crap?! I love it! Completely love it!

Double Spiked By Kantayra

NC-17 The Nerdy Trio performs a spell to bring forth an ally from the past. Season Two Spike, meet Season Six Spike...oh...and yeah, Buffy's naked...a lot.

Two Spikes at one time? Why aren't you reading this story ALREADY!? Seriously, does this fic REALLY need a recommendation?!

Dream Girls By Kantarya

NC-17 Spike gets a chance to finally be with Buffy - if he can save her in time.

Dust Becomes Him By Little-Bit

PG-13 One of the best, most hilarious parody fics out there. This is what I read when I need cheering up!

An Empty Place By KJ Draft

NC-17 S7, Buffy and Spike discuss their relationship. Angst and fluff.

Home for the Holidays By Meltha

PG for swearing. It's Christmas in Sunnydale.

When Spike tries to make the holidays perfect for his favorite Summers' girls (All right, the ONLY Summers' girls,) everything goes wrong. It's like a Three Stooges episode...but with Spike! Definitely read for the laughs!

In Heat By Nautibitz

PG-13 One of the best, most hilarious parody fics out there. This is what I read when I need cheering up!Buffy's horny. Spike helps. *g*

In His Kiss Rabid/Raeann

PG-13 Buffy contemplates on her kiss with Angel in End of Days. It's not as painful as it sounds. No, really. (Don't worry! Really a Spike/Buffy story!)

The Making of a Man By Evenstar

NC-17 B/S and B/William. Continuation of "Lies my Parents Told Me." Buffy uses the Prokaryote stone on herself to get closer to Spike. Fluffy fic.

Nineteen Hours By Annie Sewell-Jennings

NC-17 Buffy and Spike spend nineteen hours together in a hotel room. How the end of Chosen *should* have gone!

The Progeny By Evenstar

NC-17 Xover with General Hospital (No worries! If you have never watched the show, you can still pretty much tell what's going on!) Buffy/Spike, Carly/Sonny

This is one of my favorite Crossover fics. It's got snarky Spike, which, frankly, is one of the best version of Spike ever! Remember to read the sequel In The Family Way. In which the GH crew heads over to Sunnydale.

The Question Game By Kimberly

NC-17 AU S6, Lots of smut, but very very sweet :)

Roundabout By Devil Piglet

NC17 Buffy/Spike, Spike/Dawn Friendship, Post Hells-Bells (Warning: Character Death) Buffy goes postal.

Wow...just...wow. This fic is powerful, heart-wrenching and just...plain...awesome. Ever wonder what would happen if Buffy finally snapped, postal-style? Well, this story addresses that and its' a great read. Got a long road trip? Print it out and read it on the go!

The Slave Series By Jodyorjen

NC-17 Takes place in Season Six. Buffy and Spike fight for their love and deal with the repucussions of their claim.

A sensual, brutal and beautifully well-written story.

We Made Love By Chelle Storey

PG Buffy/Spike Future Fic (Warning: Character Death)

It has recently come to my attention that I have been horribly remiss. How can I have a recommendations page and NOT have a Chelle Storey story? I'm a BITCH! We Made Love is the sequel to her fiction Wet and Wild but it's still my favorite story to read, whether I read Wet and Wild first or not. This story is just...wow. It's an amazing tear-jerker that gets me EVERYTIME I read it!

The Yellow Rose of Sunnydale By VicNoir

NC-17 Western motif for S5. Humor, angst, and fluff.


9 Lives By Miranda

NC-17 Tara/Spike/Buffy Season Six

This is a beautiful story infused with beauty, emotion and passion. The characters must all go through life-changing events to come full circle to their true destiny.

Soft By Julia the Younger


It takes place in Sixth season, begins sometime after Wrecked and ends somewhere around Hells Bells. Spike and Tara grow closer together through time, getting over the hurt inflicted by their loved ones.

Right away, this story drew me inside, and actually had me cheering on Tara, instead of hoping Spike would manage to land Buffy. It's a sweet, lovely story that has our favorite boy being nutured by Tara's caring nature. It offers you a sweetness and innocence that was missing in the B/S relationship, and is a breath of fresh air after the angst of sixth season.


Going Once, Going Twice... By Inell

NC-17 Spike gets more then he bargained for when he bets that he can earn more money then Xander and Riley in a bachelor auction. Unfortunatly, he has to make himself presentable before then...can Willow help him out?

Swoon over sweet, friendly Spike trying to woo the woman of his dreams. Throw in a very memorable scene of debauchery in a Mini-Golf course, and you got yourself one HELL of a story. So, suck up your S/B prejudices and hatred of Riley and check this fic out.

Samian Wine and Pyrric Dance StoriesBy Surnia

NC-17 Willow/Giles, Giles/Drusilla, Angel/Drusilla, Willow/Spike, Buffy/Giles, Joyce/Lulu/Ethan, Joyce/Angelus 17 parts

Mostly Giles-centrific fic, but enough Willow/Spike goodness. Follow along with Willow as she explores her...eh...bad girl side, first with Giles and then with Spike. Kind of a long series, but it'll breeze by very fast since you won't be able to stop reading.


Chocolatey Goodness (NEW WORKING LINK!) By The Mad Poetess

NC17 Thanks to Shawna for suggesting I check out this fic! Hmmmmmm...Chocolate...WIP

Chocolate. Xander. Spike. Recipe for disaster or recipe for hmmm...hmmm...yummy smut? You make the call, hehe. Love the plotline, very engaging...oh, and Mad Poetess? (Breaks bottle on desk, FINISH THIS OR I'LL CUT YOU HO! Just teasing. Dont' sue.)

Cricket By Saber Shadowkitten

NC-17 Spike falls for Xander, but Xander doesn't love him. When Spike's called up to aid in the impending Apocalypse, Xander is left with a lot of questions about his feelings for the blonde vampire.

At first, I had my doubts about this story, especially after Xander was mean to Spike, and I wanted to reach through my monitor and strangle him. However, the story picked up, bringing in the AtS crew, and a whole prophecy into play. I can't say much more about the plot without spoiling it for you all. If you have doubts about any Spike/Xander slash fiction...let me tell you, this is a great fic to start out on the long, hard road to Xander redemptation.

Domestic Piranhas By Mad Poetess, Cowritten by James Walkswithwind

NC17 (with some Piranha incest...hehe) Future Fic Xander/Spike, Angel/Gunn/Wesley

This is a wonderfully original story that has everything you could ever want. Little stripped speedos (Sigh...I want a Speedo Wesley too!), fishies, imaginary crocodiles, Spike and Xander in Victorian garb (Eyes cross. I want some of those too!), debauchary in Buckingham Palace and a whooolleeee lot of nekkidness. Congrats to Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind! You've both written a GREAT story!

Nursemaid By Karenbear

PG Xander's sick, and Spike's plays nursemaid

Okay, besides the cutsy pet names that are a little gag-worthy...this is a pretty damn funny fic. When Xander gets sick, he proceeds to turn poor Spike into his bitch. Hehe. And who the hell wouldn't want Spike as their bitch? This is basically a fun, cute story and the ending will have you giggling.

Stranger Things By Esmeralda

NC17 Season Four, Xander/Spike, Spike/Xander/Angel, Angel/Spike, Angel/Doyle, Doyle/Spike/Angel/Xander, Doyle/Angelus, Spike/Angelus

This is a sweetly endearing story that lets you see a softer side of Xander. (And I don't mean softer in the belly region either.) Now, this is a long, LONG series. I'm still reading it at the moment, and I'm pretty damn hooked. Contains some blood play, and I will add onto this rec as I read further into the story. Add-on: Hmm...Doyle and Angel...definitaly a pairing I can get in on from now on.


By Her Side By Criss Moody

NC-17 Sixth season, takes place after Forever. Angel runs into Spike after sitting with Buffy in the graveyard.

Spike, Angel, ripping clothes off in a catfight. Hmm...me likey. Angsty, a bit violent but definitately worth a read. Just remember to insert the 'boom boom do boom' seventie's porn music during the right parts. Hehe.

The Clockwork Vampire By Spirit

NC-17 Season One of Angel. Canon. Spike/Angel, Doyle/Cordelia, Doyle/Wes, Xander/Cordelia,

"'I've got chocolate fudge all over my ass and you want me to be a Leprechaun?'" Love the imagery here! What these two do with food is criminal...there's NOTHING I can eat anymore without the accompanying images...not that it's a bad thing. Uproariously funny and sexy!

I Hated You Because... By Saber Shadowkitten

NC-17 Series is AU, Spike's helping the Scooby Gang, and Angel's in LA. There's nineteen stories to this serie, but every one is worth a read.

Saber, as always, make this series a gripping, yet romantic, a tiny bit fluffy story that keeps you from skipping ahead directly to the smut. She captures Spike's sarcastic and cocky side exactly, while at the same time, developing his character with a tender streak that makes you swoon.

A Winter's Tale By Coquette

NC-17 Pre-all seasons. A Tale of the Fearsome Foursome, Angel, Darla, Spike and Dru

I got a new addiction. Stories that are pre-Buffy, starring the Fearsome Foursome. Definitely go read this fiction and become as addicted as I am. Part of a trilogy that is yet uncompleted, but A Winter's Tale can be read alone without missing a thing!


Animal Husbandry By Laure Alexander

PG13 Dru's been playing around with magicks and gets herself turned into a sheep. Spike/Drusilla (Sorta)

A funny if slightly disturbing fiction. The things Spike will do for love...ergh! But don't worry, there's no graphic Sheep sex. Just a bit implied.

A Cup of Hot Chocolate By Surnia

G Spike/Joyce Spike and Joyce try to spend some time together, but fate would have it otherwise

A sweet, beautiful fic that deals with Joyce and Spike's friendship. Always loved this fic, because sometimes, Spike just needs a friend. Awww....

Digital Love By Jainie Star

G Spike/Buffybot (Sorta)

This is a very short fiction, but for some reason, it's always stuck out in my mind. Remember how Buffybot still had a thing for Spike, despite Willow having erased those programs? Speculation fic as to why that was. This story definitaly makes you feel sorry for the poor Buffybot, built to love, but not allowed too.

Fuck You and Your Cat By Rune

NC-17 Spike/Lorne. Lorne brings home a cat from the bar, not knowing Spike has a little allergy. Wackiness ensues.

So goddamned funny, I nearly pee my pants everytime I read it! Every line will have you giggling and the imagery will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Substitutions By Annie Sewell-Jennings

NC-17 Spike has finally won back Drusilla, but it's another he craves. Spike/Drusilla, with B/S undertones.

As all of Annie's story seem to be, this is a bit of dark fiction, centering around Spike, Drusilla...and Spike's deepest fantasy. Her portrayal of Drusilla is almost frightening, while, at the same time, being eerily accurate. I always thought that Drusilla's character was never properly explored; her insanity never well discussed on the show. However, Annie's story opens up a dark window to Spike's world, and what he now sees in Drusilla after the events of Becoming. It's got a bit of S/B mixed in, but Drusilla's madness sticks out most in one's mind when reading this story. It's a wonderful piece of fiction with dark undertones.

Spike/Various Pairings

The Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike By Laure Alexander

NC-17 to the fullest G/J, B/A(US), W/S, B/S, B/W, W/D, W/B/C, W/C, W/A(US), W/S/B/C, S/D, C/X, S/A(US), D/A(US), W/S/D, W/S/B

Thanks to Laure Alexander, I had to make a WHOLE other catagory. Cause...frankly, I had no bloody idea where to put it. Everyone sleeps with everyone in this fic, pretty much...except Principal Snyder, (Thank goodness for small favors, btw.) Originally, because of the title, I was going to put this in the Willow and Spike catagory, but then when I started reading it, my mouth dropped open. Hehe. And to think I thought that Surnia's partner-swapping was amazing. Now, the story is really kind of about Willow and Spike's relationship, (It's the most you'll read about) but everyone is doing everyone in this fic...except for Xander. He appears to only stick with Cordelia. Hehe. Even if they're roleplaying as Han/Leia and Uhura/Spock. (Yes, I said Spoke...hehehe 'big ears, big dick' An image that will frighten me everytime I see Leonard Nimoy) Willow, Spike, Drusilla, Angelus, Buffy and Cordelia, however, are another story. This story is also very lengthy, but full of Laure's wonderful, naughty smut. It's definitaly a hot series (With that title, is it any real surprise?) A warning though: there are depictions of rape and BDSM in this fic, as well as some angsty-angst. If you want complete fluffy sex scenes all the time, I'd look somewhere else. If you're of the bold, daring group, definitaly take a peek at this fic, and enjoy! While you're there, I'd suggest taking some peeks at some more of Laure's fic, which is always pleasing to read. SERIES NOW FINISHED.

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